Shaving Kits: $35

As we assist with everyday skills, including wellness and hygiene, shave kits are a common need among members. 

A $35 donation will purchase 100 shave kits, or you can purchase them and have them shipped directly to us! 

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Art Supplies: $50-$125

A common part of social rehabilitation and stress management is art. Members use various supplies for stress reduction, as part of PSR programming and more. Your contribution will help fund the materials needed for this vital part of programming. 

A $60 donation will provide a paint kit for four members, or you can purchase them and ship directly to us!

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Tie Dye Kits: $125-$200

Socialization activities are key to therapy and progress, and being a Clubhouse, our members select where they go and what activities they'd like to do. This is a great activity that not only gets a lot of requests, but also provides a clothing item for a member!

A $150 donation will get all materials, including shirts, for 100 members, or you can purchase supplies and ship directly to us!

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Tables & Chairs: $1500-$2500

Our Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program includes a full kitchen to not only teach valuable cooking skills for personal and employment application, but also provides meals to members in attendance each day. Cafeteria space is also commonly used for government committee, social committee and other committee meetings, all managed and run by members as part of our Clubhouse model. 

Our cafeteria is well overdue for new tables and chairs. A previous donor generously supplied us with these items, but they have since become worn, broken or otherwise unusable. Please consider making a donation towards the purchase of new ones, or CONTACT US if you have items that we might use for this purpose. 


Independence Center is always grateful to accept donations that we can use for our program. If you have items you feel might be of value to our goals, please CONTACT US today.