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The only requirement to joining the Independence Center is to be an adult age 18+ and have an ongoing mental illness. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you, please contact us to set up an appointment with a case manager today. 

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INDEPENDENCE means to be strong in one’s SELF:

Social effectiveness, among family, extended support system, employer, or community

Empowerment to rise above apparent restrictions of mental illness or other natural barriers

Longevity in progress and consistent motivation to seek higher achievements

Functioning ability, whether cognitive, domestic, vocational, emotional or communal 



OUR VISION is to provide adults with mental disabilities who seek the opportunity to be productive members of society the tools they need to achieve their goals in independence. 

To that end, the Independence Center endeavors to provide quality rehabilitative programs, vocational training, and other support services that allow for reintegration into full social functioning, serving effected individuals and their community. It is our goal to develop a skilled, dedicated work force that embodies a strong ethic and harnesses positive momentum in order to achieve a lifestyle shift, and in turn, greatness in independence.

To be referred for membership the referral application must be completed and signed. 

Referrals from other community agencies require a current, detailed psychosocial history, a current psychiatric assessment, and a signed release.

Considerations for membership for every applicant will include:

1. Is the applicant at least 18 years of age?

2. Does the applicant have a primary presenting problem due to with persistent mental illness?

3. Is the applicant interested in attending and be an active part of Independence Center?

4. Is the applicant able to get to the Independence Center regularly?

5. Does the applicant pose a threat to the Independence Center's community?

6. If the applicant has a history of substance abuse, is (s)he sober or able to maintain sobriety 

    at the Independence Center and on any of the Independence Center's sponsored community 


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Independence Center is an equal opportunity employer.

Housing Case Manager


Essential Functions

The Housing Case Manager is a member of Independence Center’s integrated clinical team.  This is a full-time position.  This position requires knowledge of social work and psychological theories.  Individual must be able to respond and assist in emergency situations and have very good interpersonal, mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution skills.  She/he must have well developed organizational, verbal and written communication and computer skills.  This individual must be flexible, adaptable and able to work effectively in a variety of settings, in a cross-cultural situation and be knowledgeable of the services available in the community.  She/he must demonstrate sound judgment particularly in dealing with safety issues and in dealing with aggressive members.  The individual must have an understanding of crisis management and the ability to deal with life-threatening situations including the prevention of suicide.  Due to the requirement of travel within the community with members, a valid driver’s license is required.  This position assists the Housing Director in the operation of the supported housing program. The Housing Case Manager provides case management, skills training, and social support to individuals interested or living in our supported housing.  The position is responsible for the Centers health and safety activities.  Other responsibilities include the coordination of services to include developing and implementing Individual service plans, assessments; promotion of agency programs through presentations; Documentation of DHS individual services and outcome measures; and transporting members.

Responsibilities include the following:

1. Conduct mental health assessments on new, returning, and current members to maintain current treatment records on all active members. Assist with placement with appropriate counselors and desired programming and recommendations for treatment.

2. Participate in treatment planning process with members of the Center.  Comprised of the following: treatment planning, treatment plan modification, treatment reviews, treatment summaries, safety plans and updates to discharge plan.

3. Coordinate and provide linkage and referrals to other community supports and services.  Advocate on behalf of members and make recommendations as needed. Intervene and advocate with collateral sources, agencies, bureaucracies, facilities, and families on member’s behalf.

4. Provide community support services and assist members in achieving and maintaining rehabilitative, resiliency and recovery goals. Services provided include therapeutic interventions that facilitate illness self-management, skill building, identification and use of natural supports and use of community resources. 

5. Provide crisis intervention when necessary.

6. Facilitate groups and maintain a level of attendance in group consistent with the agency’s expectations.

7. Conduct individual and group therapy/ counseling with members and their families, this will include facilitating the group, writing group curricula, maintaining the group.

8. Document, in Center’s timeframes, assessments, treatment plans, safety and discharge plans, authorizations, progress notes, reports, and service interventions for services rendered by members.  

9. Perform outreach and home visits by Center policy.

10. Provide transportation to members of the Independence Center following all transportation policies and protocols. 

11. Supervise Independence Center’s health and safety plan.

   a. Ensure that Independence Center complies with health and safety legislation in the workplace.

   b. Work with staff to manage, monitor and improve health and safety standards in their workplaces.

   c. Oversee the upkeep of the fire and safety equipment at all sites and in vehicles.

   d. Carry out workplace/ housing safety inspections (e.g., emergency drills, monitoring noise levels in the clubhouse). 

   e. Ensure that health and safety requirements are met before and when new equipment is installed or property alterations are made. 

   f. Educate and inform staff and managers on how to identify safety risks and set up preventative measures.

   g. Design health and safety monitoring methods and policies.

   h. Check the efficiency of health and safety management systems and policies.

   i. Develop emergency procedures (workplace violence/fire) and coordinate emergency teams. 

   j. Provide emergency training (flood/fire) and educate members, tenants, and staff about safety aspects in working from heights or confined spaces.  Conduct all emergency drills in conformance with CARF Standards.

   k. Facilitate regular health and safety checks for staff.  

   l. Organize staff training in first aid, CPR, vehicle safety, fire extinguisher and defibrillator. 

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Independence Center

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